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International Cleans up 19 September 2009!!

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International Cleans up 19 September 2009!!

Post Number:#1  Postby Evelyn Bernadinus@ eve » Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:14 pm

International Cleans up 19 September 2009!!

Each year thousands of Project AWARE Foundation volunteers cross the globe take part in the largest volunteer effort of its kind on behalf the marine environment – Beach and underwater cleanups.
Litter on land finds its way to the aquatic environment, much of it carried from city streets and inland waterways. Tons cigarette butts, syringes, plastic bottles and everything in between end up on our beaches and underwater. Marine creatures including turtles, dolphins and sea birds are harmed by fishing gear and plastic debris, risking and the survival of many threatened and endangered species.
People are the root cause of marine debris problems, but we are becoming the solution. Make a difference and implement change by involving diver, snorkelers, family and friends in your local community.

Did you know?

• Marine debris in the world’s oceans causes harm to underwater environments and wildlife.

• In 2008, 10, 600 divers removed 219 528 lbs (99.57 tons) of debris from over 1000 miles of underwater terrain, an average of 25 pounds per diver.

• One million plastic bags are used every minute of the day and almost there millions tons of plastic are used to bottle water globally every year.

• Toxic chemicals in the 4.5 trillion cigarette filters littered worldwide every year threatens the wellbeing of marine life.

• Nearly 80% of all marine debris is plastic. In some parts of the ocean plastic outweighs plankton 6:1

• An estimated 46 000 pieces of plastic litter alone are floating on every square mile of ocean, 70% of which will eventually sink.

• Plastics do not biodegrade. When plastic debris meets water it remains for centuries, breaking down slowly into smaller fragments and finally into plastic dust.

• Aluminium cans take ups t0 100 years to degrade and 6-pack holder rings 450 years.

• It takes glass bottles one million years to bio degrade in the natural environment.

• Entanglement and ingestion of fishing line, nets, rope and other debris has been reported in more than 260 animal species worldwide.

• An estimated 100 000 marine mammal including dolphins, whales seals and turtles choke or get tangled in debris every year. And 86% of all sea turtles are affected by marine debris.

• More than 1 million seabirds are killed by litter each year.

Tips to keep waters debris free
• Remove debris on every recreational diver or shoreline visit.
• The number one item found in cleanups is cigarette filters. Always dispose of them properly and never overboard.
• Reduce, reuse and cycle.
• Avoid buying plastics products.
• Be aware of everything you buy and avoid excessive packaging.
• Demand improved and increased number of recycling facilities for your area.
• Properly dispose of all pieces of fishing line, net or other associated litter.
• Keep plastics and rubbish off the ground and the ocean floor.
• Keep storm drains and shorelines free rubbish.
• Get involved in project AWARE shoreline and underwater cleanups year-round or during September’s international cleanup day.
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Re: International Cleans up 19 September 2009!!

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How we can contribute in this case? Kindly advise, thank you.
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