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WTB - 2nd hand Dive Com RM200-350

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WTB - 2nd hand Dive Com RM200-350

Post Number:#1  Postby pengtat » Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:46 pm

Anybody willing to release their used dive com for around RM200-350? For this price I think a 2nd hand Mares Puck or Suunto Zoop would be in this range based on my findings on Ebay. Of course between Ebay and here, I prefer to be able to meet the seller and physically inspect the com.

Just started diving, and want a entry level dive com which is not too expensive to play and experiment with. Once I know what I want, I will invest more on my next com.

I am not restricting myself to Mares Puck or Suunto Zoop, any other dive coms are welcomed. Thank you.
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