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New HD Wide Angle Video Port!

New HD Wide Angle Video Port!

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Finally, a high definition wide angle port that really works for Ikelite video housings! After years of experimenting with various wet and dry lenses and dome ports with despair, we find that the WP-80 works best without any glare, ghosting or vignetting of any sort. This is a high resolution underwater wide angle port for capturing dynamic wide angle images; this remarkable port has been designed by Fathom Imaging to bring distortion-free imaging and delivers the ultimate in resolving power, particularly important in high definition applications.

The WP-80 can be used on land and underwater, now the popular with digital photos "half over-half under" video shooting is possible! This port covers a range of 80º underwater and 90º on land (exact angle of coverage varies with camera model), it enables extreme close focusing with full zoom and assures brilliant colour rendition, producing high definition wide angle and macro images that are sharp and clear from edge to edge. It can be used underwater as well as above water. The WP-80 is nitrogen purged/vacuum sealed in a dust-free environment, ensuring no foreign matter or condensation to spoil your image, it is constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy and high grade optical glass elements which are coated with a proprietary High Efficiency Broad Band Anti-Reflective coating for maximum light transmission. You can have the best housing and camera on the market, but your images will only be as good as the optics installed on your housing, any U/W lens designed by Fathom guarantees high resolution optics free of distortion, flare, vignetting and black spot reflections.

Our WP-80 comes with the colour correction filter CF-127 for blue water and neoprene carry pouch. Colour-correcting filter created specifically to correct colours in Caribbean or tropical blue-green (cyan) water. With sunlight and the CF-127 filter, you capture the natural colours of ocean corals, fish and aquatic life in lakes, streams and rivers. This filter "neutralizes" the underwater blue colours so that the true colours which already exist can be recorded on film or video. This Wet filter enhances the quality of both still and video images when not using an artificial light source. It can can be installed and removed during the course of the dive.

We offer custom installation of this lens with free pressure chamber testing at 30m/100ft  for 30 min. This is a fixed port and cannot be replaced underwater.


    * The WP-80 is constructed of an aluminium shell and coated BK-7 glass elements to provide the sharpest and clearest images possible.
    * Up to 80º field of view with full zoom capability for macro subjects.
    * It is nitrogen-purged / vacuum-sealed.
    * The front dome element has a hard coating and is protected by a shade. 
    * Weight 0.53 Kg in air / neutral in water.
    * Depth rating 200 m / 660 feet
    * 2 years warranty

Compatible with the following Ikelite housing models:

          o JVC MG550, MG532, MG730
          o JVC MG730 Package
          o Sony DVD406, DVD408, DVD506, DVD508, DVD808, DVD908
          o Sony SR190, SR200, SR290, SR300
          o SonySR1
          o Sony SR5
          o Sony SR7, SR8
          o Sony SR10, SR220
          o Sony SR11, SR12
          o Sony HC1, A1
          o Sony HC3
          o Sony HC5
          o Sony HC7, HC9
          o Canon HV10
          o Canon HV20, HV30
          o Canon HG10
          o Canon HF10, HF100
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