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Apeks XTX200 STATUS Regulator

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Apeks XTX200 STATUS Regulator

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Now in Malaysia!
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Apeks XTX200 Status Regulator - RRSP: RM 2,999

Safety is of paramount importance to Apeks, a world leader in regulator technology. Our new, innovative 'Status' range has been developed with safety at the heart of its design philosophy. It is essential the correct air pressure from your first stage is maintained and that your regulator is in good condition. The Status internal micro-electronic computer contimually assesses this vital air pressure and the condition of your equipment utilising state-of-the-art electronics and will actually inform divers if there is something wrong. It also monitors both usage and time visibly informing you when your regulator is due for service. Now, for the first time ever, divers know that their first stage air supply is OK just by looking at their regulator. The XTX200 Status regulator is the flagship of our range.
# All medium pressure ports are 3/8" UNF so that the reversible XTX second stage can mount to either side of the first stage.
# Balanced for superior performance
# The FSR Status comes standard with an environmental dry kit, keeping water and contaminants out and also improving the model's resistance to freezing
# Tough two shot moulded 300 bar DIN hand wheel
# Cosmetic ring and co-moulded yoke knob
# Compatible to EAN 40, new, out of the box
# Robust compact forged body
# 4 angled medium pressure ports 3/8" UNF
# 2 angled high pressure ports 7/16" UNF
# Removable Arcap valve seat.

The FSR Status first stage, when purchased as a complete regulator, comes with the XTX200 second stage. This regulator is fully diver adjustable with the Reversible Venturi System and Cracking Resistance Control.

The Status electronics "wake up" every 20 seconds and take a snapshot of the interstage pressure. If the pressure is greater than 3 Bar it will begin the process of displaying the pressure state or service state via the LCD display. After the display has switched off the electronics still wake up every 20 seconds, but even though there is pressure it does not display the pressure or service state again in order to conserve battery life. To enable the LCD to display again the regulator must be de-pressurized, then left for a minimum of 20 seconds where the pressure is zero. Upon re-pressurization the electronics will again display the pressure and/or service state. YOU MUST WAIT FOR A MINIMUM OF 20 SECONDS AFTER TURNING OFF THE GAS SUPPLY AND PURGING THE REGULATOR BEFORE OPENING THE CYLINDER VALVE AGAIN TO ALLOW STATUS TO RESET
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