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Oculus RED FILTER for the Gopro Hero HD Dive Housing

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Oculus RED FILTER for the Gopro Hero HD Dive Housing

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Product Description
The color red only carries 15-20 feets underwater. At depths below this, reds become washed out. The orange correction filter puts the red spectrum back into your underwater videos.
It avoids to have a completely "blue atmosphere" on your videos shot under 20 feets.
If you use a light or if you stay at a depth less than 20 feets, it is not necessary to use a correction filter.
This red correction filter is only compatible with GoPro Dive Housing.
The great advantage of this filter is that you can put it and remove it whereas you are underwater. The wrist strap will allow you not to loose it when you don't want to use it but also to avoid the black housing latch to open when the housing is pressurized (it happens quite often).
Because you have water between this filter and the Oculus flat lens, there is no risk to break it when you dive up to 60 meters (limit of GoPro housing).

Note : Carefully rinse your filter after use in salt water. Mounting this filter does not generate vignetting.
What's included

* 1 red filter for GoPro Dive Housing
* 1 unit spare elastic band

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