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Berjaya Tioman sponsors Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2011

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Berjaya Tioman sponsors Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2011

Post Number:#1  Postby timyang » Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:34 pm

THE earth is too old to be bur­dened with more man-made damages.

That we know, and it's very encouraging to know that earth people are doing their best to ensure that mother nature can last longer.

After countless catastrophes hitting major countries all over the world, more people are put­ting in that extra effort to help preserve nature.

As part of its contri­bution towards the aim, Berjaya Tioman Resort re­cently invited at least 70 divers and 50 volunteers, including celebrities and members of the media to be part of a massive 'clean up' campaign held at Tio­man island.

Endorsed by the Profes­sional Association of Diving Instructors' (PADI), Project Aware, the three-day clean-up event (from March 4) at Tioman Island was aimed at educating participants on the importance of coral reefs to the ecosystem.

Throughout the programme, divers and non-divers had the chance to understand the im­portance of marine life first hand via various educational, fun-filled activities that includ­ed clean-up dive, beach clean­ing as well as a conservation seminar by PADI.

The programme ended with a spectacular Malaysian-themed gala dinner by the beach.

"Loving earth is part of Ber­jaya Hotels & Resorts commit­ment towards the environment. Being part of the society, we've pledged to continue the good­will and our dedication to build a path to understand and pro­tect our mother nature.

"Tioman Island Clean-up Day 2011 for instance, is a good platform," Berjaya Hotels & Resorts corporate director, marketing and communica­tions, Abel Nelson Nang said.

Jehan Miskin

Jehan Miskin checking out some Clown Fishes
Among the celebrities who joined the project were actors and TV Personalities Jehan Miskin, Azura Zainal, Dawn Jeremiah, Henry Gold­ing, Megan Tan and child ac­tor Fimie Don.

Jehan even dove with the professionals to do the under­water cleaning.

"A total of 185 Crown Of Thorns (COT) were removed during the dive clean-up. This is a good number, compared with few other places.

"185 is a small number and it clearly shows that Tioman Is­land is a suitable place for coral reefs to grow," Abel added.

So far, a few diving sites have been identified as the most con­ducive for coral reefs. Among them are Renggis, Chebeh, Genting Bay, Cabas and Ma­lang Rocks Island.

During the programme, those who did not have diving licence contributed by help­ing out in the cleaning of the beach. They walked a few kilo­metres along the golden sandy beach, picking up trash along the shore.

Non-divers and media mem­bers, on the other hand, were given two plastic bags - one for plastic and another for pa­per.

At the end of the day, more than 20 bags filled with discard­ed plastics and cigarette butts were hauled.

"This is our second time orga­nising this event and I can say that it is a success.

"The island is now cleaner and we are pretty overwhelmed with the outcome. This year we also decided to add another project, a community service where non-divers went to Seko­lah Kebangsaan Tekek to inter­act with the children," Abel said.

The project was also made possible thanks to the gener­osity of Bank Rakyat that spon­sored goodie bags which con­tained books and stationery for the children.

As part of the project, the entourage also spent some time with conservationist Datin Seri Intan Rowena Baker and discussed her work on turtle conservation programme. She is the co-founder of TAT Turtle Sanctuary in association with Pahang State Government and Department of Fisheries Malay­sia.

The project focuses in pre­serving and maintaining turtle population in Tioman Island.
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Re: Berjaya Tioman sponsors Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2011

Post Number:#2  Postby nglg212 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:11 pm

good job...well done...divers... :D
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Re: Berjaya Tioman sponsors Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2011

Post Number:#3  Postby vash_h » Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:03 pm

always wanted to join these events.. but when i got to hear about them, dah habis..

anyone knows any similar events coming up?
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