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Naui divers clean up beach at Port Dickson

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Naui divers clean up beach at Port Dickson

Post Number:#1  Postby timyang » Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:38 am

NOT content with cleaning up just the litter on the beach fronting their properties, the management of the Avillion Hotel Group roped in divers who scoured the underwater depths for trash during a clean-up campaign dubbed “Take a Stand in the Sand” in Port Dickson recently.

The 22 divers, who are members of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), went about 10m underwater to clear rubbish that could damage the marine ecosystem.

Avillion Hotel Group group marketing manager Lawrence Lee, who also participated in the dive, said although volunteers only cleared up the area near the Avillion Port Dickson and Avillion Admiral Cove, more than 1,000kg of garbage was picked up.

“Broken bottles, aluminium cans, bits of paper and plastic were among the things that the beach-combers and divers picked up during the clean-up.

“Some 200 volunteers, including hotel employees, hotel guests and schoolchildren, participated in the clean-up was organised in conjunction with World Environment Day,” he said.

Lee said this was the second time the hotel group had conducted a clean-up along the stretch of beach near its properties and the first time divers were roped in to participate.

“Cleaning up the beach is not enough as a lot of trash ends up in the sea too. As a diver, I know the effects that garbage have on our delicate marine ecosystem.

“Not only are we cleaning up the beach and the sea in our area but we are also helping to create awareness on the importance of keeping our environment clean,” he said.

Lee expressed hope that those who participated in the clean-up campaign would spread the word on the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.

“All of us have to be responsible for our actions and we have to maintain a clean environment, cleanliness will always be a priority at our hotels and we will continue to clean the beaches within the vicinity of our properties on a daily basis.

“We are grateful for the help we receive from our guests, the local authorities and members of the public during the campaign this year and we will definitely organise a similar event next year.

One of the volunteers A. Kalaivani, 14 said she participated in the clean-up after hearing of the programme from a friend as she wanted to do her bit for the environment.

“I was surprised to find so much litter including cigarette butts, grocery bags and empty plastic containers on the beach, I can’t imagine that all this garbage could wind up in our ocean.

“All of us have a collective responsibility to keep our environment clean as we are doing a favour to our ownselves by saving our earth,” she said.

The volunteers began the clean up at 9am and ended well after noon, putting the trash they found into large garbage bags.

The volunteers who lent their hand in the clean-up campaign were treated to lunch after the event.

A scuba diving demonstration and a sand castle building competition were also organised to add some excitement to the campaign.
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