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Win a scuba resort package in the Mataking Photo Challenge Nov 14 - Apr 14

PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:59 pm
by timyang
Semporna: A Photo Challenge will be organised by Mataking Island for its guests from Nov 14 to April 14.

Resort Manager Luke J Cox said the Mataking 2011 Photo Challenge would allow participants to experiment with their cameras and take stunning images of the island, both on and below the surface.

"A selection of images will be chosen by the resort to be used for the 2011 postcards of the island.

All images used will be credited to the individual photographer," he said in a statement on Wednesday.

The grand prize of the competition would be a complimentary three days-two nights stay for two on a diver's package for the winning image.

"We are launching the 2010/2011 Mataking Photo Challenge following a unique suggestion by one of our guests, Sarah Newman from the UK.

The rules of the challenge are simple, as guests need to only take a picture of anything regarding the island, on and below the surface to compete, he added.

The photos can be submitted to the Resort Manager at: