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45% of fishermen in Malaysia are actually foreigners

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:20 am
by timyang
2010/10/18: The maritime industry in Malaysia needs more experienced local seamen because 45 per cent of the 35,000 seamen registered in the national maritime industry are foreigners, said Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri today.

He said the shortage was due to the lack of interest among the young generation to take up a career in the maritime industry.

"The shortage must be addressed to avoid over dependence on foreign seamen particularly those from Indonesia and the Philippines.

"Those who are unemployed but have the necessary qualification to join the maritime industry should fill up the vacancy," he told reporters after opening the World Maritime Day Celebratrion 2010 at the national level in Port Klang.

Abdul Rahim said the industry was now short of four key posts namely Captains, Chief Engineers, Second Engineers and Ship Officers.

He said the maritime sector was perceived to be the most important sector in the transport industry as 96 per cent of all exports and imports worldwide were handled by container ships.

In his speech earlier, Abdul Rahim said the ministry and the Malaysian Marine Department had taken various initiatives to encourage the youths to become seamen, including organising briefings on career and training.

He also disclosed that the Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM) planned to offer new courses to cater for the needs of the offshore sector and chemical tankers to attract more youths to take up a career in the maritime industry.