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Super sucks diving experience

Re: Super sucks diving experience

Post Number:#31  Postby vash_h » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:54 pm

Interesting.. Then all I can say is that I am glad my instructor for aow told me before we went into water, that he would give us a signal, and we swim off in a certain direction, then using d compass and other 'seabed' markings such as reef, stones etc to find our way back to d instructor, who waited patiently at d rendezvous point.

Was under d impression it is standard procedure..
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Re: Super sucks diving experience

Post Number:#32  Postby yeekeong » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:14 pm

run wrote:Quite a good point what vash_h is asking.

its OK for the instructor to leave its students alone to take some photograph(or anything that
could make the instructor purposely leaving the students behind)

Sherman if you are still piss off with the instructor then just write him a letter of complaint to
the resort you were staying. You can go complain to SSI like the advise from Admin Timyang.
As you said in your 1st posting, you seek advise and comments.
MUW has so many instructors, and professional divers. They would love to help and give comments as long as divers willing to absorb and reply the knowledge rationally.

I do encounter a few divers who were mad and unhappy with the treatment from some DM and instructor.
There are certain cases which we can question and comment but when it comes to personal issue, it is unmeasurable.

I remembered during my advance course for navigation.
The instructor had brief before entering the water, if by any chance
i get lost dont be panic do 1 minute search and ascend. "You are already a certified diver. Remember what you have learned during
your OW" he said.

To answer your Q: is it ok for the instructor to leave sherman who is an OW diver behind during the navigation course.
My answer would be, yes. It is base on my logical point of view
My point : It is because sheman already a certified open water. The guide line search 1 minute and ascend is a guideline that is sufficent enough for a diver not to get lost even more while underwater and at the sametime minimizing any hazardous impact on the diver him/herself.
Though i may change my answer to NO when the navigation was being held more than 18meter. Cause an OW student is only eligible up to 18m. More than that you have to dive with an instructor within your group.

Given a scenario such as this:
What if the instructor has been in a difficult situation and he is unable to be with sherman at that moment? Let say he was
attack by a very vicious baracuda and he had to abort the dive.
let make it even more interesting, let say he was bleeding badly.
He has to abort and get back to the DC. He is in pain until he
couldn't remember that he has a student doing navigation that time.Would your judgement be the same about the instructor?
Would you still mad at him and called him reckless?

I didn't say what he did was right leaving you and having fun taking photo. Like you said
sh3rman wrote:The thing that make me angry the most is the way he handle the incident....

The instructor didn't provide a good communication with you. His answer wasn't good enough
to ease your frustration and dissappointment.

Some may not agree with my comments. I am sorry but if my answer is wrong then please update me (about
leaving the OW student).

From what i normally saw navigation routine are done single and with a buddy.
Single means the instructor give the direction to a diver and the diver do the kicking and
reading the compass by ownself.
With a buddy means 1 diver counting the kicking, while the buddy doing the compass.

I remember a diver telling me about his experience doing navigation alone underwater when it was
sunset. Of course the instructor was underwater with him but he told him that
he will wait at the check point.

finally, someone with better english sums up what i wanted to mention in the first place. i wanna complain my english teacher not good!
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