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Re: Scuba diver found drowned in Pulau Tioman

Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:20 pm

missydiver, can u give me the link of the pictures posted in FB so that i can verified it. because all of us have agreed not to post any pictures of the arwah.

Re: Scuba diver found drowned in Pulau Tioman

Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:48 pm

run wrote:missy my intention was to show that some mistake were made by poor judgement. The dive was with poor judgement. Not matter with any dive operator, if the diver
himself/herself do not know how to take care of themselves, the dives can cost their life.

and definitely you have shown that you already have your own point of view towards BP. Your decision is your own and I have to respect that.

As for the pictures, I believe that you better get a consent from the late's family cause if they feel that their personal lives has been tampered. They can sue you.
As for the people who has posted the picture in the FB. Good luck to them.

-- Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:53 pm --

first of all I against of sharing any pix of the dead! Cause it is just NOT right for the pix to be discuss by mere un-professional level divers!
unless isntrcutors and body of professional in diving world to share and discuss for safety then I will not object!!!
really the nerve of people

-- Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:55 pm --

there is border in finding truth and one of them is respecting the dead. OMG I am so mad right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run, i had wanted to reply u like 5 posts ago that ur english needs a lot of brushing up. Did u think anyone on board the boat will happily snap pic of the dead body and post up on FB? i am face palming big time....lol...

For clarification purpose, let me repeat. Someone from the trip posted a pic of the trip (happy moments etc) as of late last night on FB. Not pic of the dead body lah........What i meant to question was, if there was a tragic incident, why would someone still happily post any pic at all. Which means some of the ppl like tarak apa attitude.

Re: Scuba diver found drowned in Pulau Tioman

Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:59 am

If you want people to share and tell a story, then the way this thread is going is definitely not helping. Never let emotions and bias get in the way of any discussion.

For the sake of discussion for those interested, we know a few things about the late diver:

1. he is a newly certified diver.
2. his dives are not long ( from sources) - indicates he is new and and his usage of air rather fast
3. he is young ( does not equal fit)
4. he seem to have chills before and after dives which was deemed normal for him ( he must be lean and thin with little % of body fat that made him feel cold easily) the term is hypothermia not hyperthermia, both of which I will not use at present.
5. ? was he sick and on medications -- some flu medications can cause drowsiness and inability to make decision.
6. he wore a shorty wetsuit -- in and around these areas would be 3mm ( which I think may be inadequate for him as his legs and arms were still exposed)
7. this was the 3rd dive of the day -- ( probably with him feeling cold, he could have been tired and if he was shivering over the last 2 dives, his muscles must be rather tired)
8 he was exposed to 2 difficulties-- poor viz and moderate currents. ( inexperience and cold must have made it worse)
9. water temperature was normal ( but for somebody who is already feeling cold and being his 3rd dive and diving with currents that tends to carry colder water -- it may have made things worse)
10 there was an interval of 2 hours between the 2nd and 3rd dive ( some articles says that one should not dive after rewarming after a cold episode{hypothermia} - I am not sure why but I suspect they worry about muscle cramps during a dive -- i need to verify this)
11. Due to poor viz and current, he and buddy was separated ( in poor viz this can cause a panic attack -- the rule of buddy separation is to ascend and abort dive, useless to look for buddy, bubbles when viz is bad and currents)
12. upon finding the body, he was still fully geared,(unsure if the regulator was still in mouth) but his air was still plenty (from sources) -- there was no indication of hyperventilating or events occured very early in the dive. what exactly happened moments before his drowning we will only know if someone describes the body as how they found and post mortem

As for the organisers:
1. there appears (from threads above) that some briefing was done
2. there appears to be people asking the late diver if he was well seeing him shiver -- nobody thought twice once he said it was normal for him.
3. (from sources) upon realizing a missing diver, they immediately reported to the maritime and embarked upon a search and rescue but had to stop due to poor viz, current and night fall. They found him at the same site the next morning. the maritime was yet to be seen at that point unlike what was reported in the papers.

Now with this points, let us read and verify if can as whether my points are correct and then move ahead to see what we can discuss logically and learn from these.

Re: Scuba diver found drowned in Pulau Tioman

Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:27 am

As divers, we all knew since the very beginning that we are involved in a RISKY PASSION. And we even agree to it during the OWD experience and each time at the beginning of a trip or a dive. So, deal with it. If were to be safe, play MONOPOLY or SCRABBLE at home.

As for this case, let us learn what can be learnt. Arguing or triggering an argument will not bring back the deceased. But continuous practice, revision and dives will bank into your experience. And hopefully save more lives of the Diver Minority.

May Mohd Afif rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.

Re: Scuba diver found drowned in Pulau Tioman

Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:07 pm

Accidents will happen.....
before we jump into the blue with our diving gears, we will be asked to sign a liability release form. Please read carefully and fill in all blanks before signing. This is a statement in which we are informed of the risks.....it is nobody fault, please do not simply blame the organizer Mentari Scuba and the ship MV Black Pearl.
FYI i read somewhere from a good source, from diver on board BP....
"The diver was found without his mask, with 130 bar of air left and hugging his body as if he was cold."
All of the divers, Organizer, DM, Captain and all of the crews on board of BP did a good job in terms of handling an accidents, reporting & organized the rescue operation and finding the body of the deceased, they did managed to find and recover the body.
My Condolences....
May Mohd Afif rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.

Re: Scuba diver found drowned in Pulau Tioman

Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:05 pm

Yes narco and mamakpenang. We all know it is risky sport but many a times we tend to overlook issues that could harm us in the name of having a good and happy dive.

If a diver has shivers which is notably worse than normal, he should first see a medical doctor or a dive doctor to make sure he has no other medical problems. If medically well, yhen the diver most likely has intolerance to cold for many reason and should gear up in such a way to prevent further heat loss during dive such as wearing a hood, wear a well fitting full wetsuit with maybe a inner wear etc etc. If one has rewarmed after being so cold, they should abort the next dive. If they are taking medications, please consult doctors or ur instructor.

In this I hope we have learnt something. Again my condolences to the deceased and in his passing we have become wiser.

Re: Scuba diver found drowned in Pulau Tioman

Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:51 am

You yourself must know your own limit. If you are not well don't dive.

Captain of the boat must look into consideration of all level of divers on board. Captain should be able to advise. If the condition of the dive site is not suitable change the location. Well you can come back other time.

You plan your dive and dive your plan but you never plan your death
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