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Sipadan History and Upcoming Underwater Camera Ban

Sipadan History and Upcoming Underwater Camera Ban

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FYI ... camera-ban

New Camera Ban Coming Soon
When the permit system went into effect, so did a ban on gloves and fish pointers. These items were thought to increase the likelihood of damage to the reef and are not permitted. A Sipadan resort owner told us that a recent study by an International NGO has now found that Underwater Camera users are “a significant contributor to coral damage at Sipadan." The government authority in charge of Sipadan has already declared that an underwater camera ban will go into effect, but will not give an implementation date. Several Sipadan dive operators have told us to assume that the ban will go into effect with little notice.
The only way around the ban on underwater cameras appears to be a special exemption for professional photographers. In this instance, a professional photographer is someone who has a proven record of shooting images for magazines, newspapers, television and more. The resort running your trip would likely help you go through the process of requesting your exemption, but since the ban is not yet in effect, it is difficult to say how this will work.
We also read that divers going to Sipadan will be required to have an advanced open water certification, or a minimum of 20 dives - effectively saying "no newbies".
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