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Help wanted with the Global Shark Survey

PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:59 pm
by prof mauri
I run the global Shark survey and am chairman of Shark Savers Malaysia.  I also teach marine science courses for divers on an island close to Semporna in Sabah.  The organisation I run is TRACC,  protect coral, turtles and sharks, please help us.
We have protected sharks in Sabah. To help protect sharks in the rest of the country we need more information on shark populations in West Malaysia and Sarawak. 
I know there are very few sharks left (none ) but we need to prove it.  In Sabah I have 2050 hours of observation in a National park and no sharks seen.  Politicians like numbers, help us to help them change the law!
Please follow the instructions for the  global Shark survey and send us the data that is hidden in your logbook. 


Prof Steve Oakley