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New migration from land to sea

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 10:25 am
by RedCookie
[size=1em]Hi guys and ladies,[/size]

[size=1em]I'm very bad in self introduction but here goes.[/size]
[size=1em]Newly certified diver from landlubber to DM last year through a college course hence the title "new migration from land to sea".[/size]
[size=1em]I'm at the end of practical period for diploma course in a filming and photograph company in stock footage library.[/size]
[size=1em]May not be the best but considered above average in diving.  :P  <~ *self praising[/size]
[size=1em]Found MUW quite awhile ago but decided to join in now.[/size]
[size=1em]I'm not sure how i stumble upon MUW but i'm very sure it's from my quest for used cheap regulator.[/size]
[size=1em]and i'm not an active forum kinda guy so excuse me for being silence most of the time.[/size]