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Vomit during diving

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Re: Vomit during diving

Post Number:#31  Postby santadive » Fri Aug 03, 2007 9:35 pm

Hi Marlene -and all...

I agree with the food/sleep(beer) and slow ascends...
-a neck-rub to deal with headaches work as well...

But why do you have it??

2 common things that I find with new divers is:
They bite too hard on the mouth-pieces -the added tension can easely give slight tension-headaches...
-But more likely the problem here is number 2 -that the breathing is too fast and irregular.

It is a natural thing to be a bit nervous on the first dive of a serie of dives. (not only as a new diver)
By "shallow-breathing" you do not clean sufficient amounts of CO2 out of your system. This can very easy lead to head aches and can probably explain why it is only on the first dive that it is a problem.
-Travel stress naturally only add to the problem...

But next time you go on a diving-holiday, try thinking about your breathing and the rate that you do it at.
-A good guideline is that it should take you 4-5 secunds to breathe in and 4-5 to breathe out again...

If it does not take your headache away that breathing pattern will help you with your buoyancy and air-consumption, so do it on every dive...
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Re: Vomit during diving

Post Number:#32  Postby mephisto » Sat Aug 04, 2007 11:12 am

I'm a newbie and have only gone for 2 leisure dives so far since my OW in June 07.  But on both occasions i noticed that my first dive usually ends with a massive headache.  

In Redang, we went for one dive before lunch.  Initially i thought that my headache was caused by hunger pangs.. but even after a good meal my headache refuse to budge.. had to take painkillers and a few hours of sleep before i felt better. The next 2 days of diving was fine.

In the case of the last Tioman trip, my headache was so bad coupled with a very quesy stomach.  I didnt even feel better after throwing up.  Cldnt even keep the painkillers or water down.  Had to sleep a few hours before i felt better.  I thought that this was rather abnormal for me as i have never had any problems with seasickness before.  The next day i downed a seasick pill just to be on the safe side.

Hmm.. my personal 'diagnosis' is that ONE reason is insufficient rest when travelling which contributed to my headache.  Wld this be accurate?
Question is, since i cant rest/sleep properly while travelling (especially on short weekend dive trips), does that mean i have to refrain from diving on the first day?

I also realise that the smell of smoke/fumes (ciggie or fuel) immediately after a dive encourages my headaches.  Can't explain the seasickness tho.

It would be good if i can identify reasons why i have headaches or get seasick, so i can be better prepared and be able to enjoy my diving trips.  I'm also not sure of the effect of taking seasick pills while diving. Any comments?

common cause of headache is not breathing properly while diving.....maybe on the next dive try to breath slowly and deeply.

headache with quesy stomach? and you feel nausea right?...this one is beyond help...the cause i dont know but the cure is ...minyak cap kapak (mentholated oil) on the head, 1 aspirin and sleep.

yes, CO and CO2 in exaust fumes promote headache. try not to breath in the fumes....on the boat...go to some place far from the engine....on water..breath through your regulator if convinient.

also 100 plus or water with a bit of salt may help if you have headache and feeling nausea.
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