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Hazardous Marine Life (Part 1)

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Hazardous Marine Life (Part 1)

Post Number:#1  Postby zzz » Sun Jul 15, 2007 8:09 pm

Decided to do something worthwhile with my time (after Bijan pointed out I have been posting non-serious stuff lately). Divedoc, please add on if necessary..

Family: Scorpaenidae
The Scorpaenidae family as 3 distinct groups, based upon their venom organ structure and toxicity.
These 3 groups and their representative genera include the following: •      Pterois - Long, slender spines with small venom glands and a less potent sting (eg, lionfish)

•      Scorpaena - Shorter and thicker spines with larger venom glands and a more potent sting (eg, scorpionfish)

•      Synanceia - Stout, powerful spines with highly developed venom glands and a potentially fatal sting (eg, stonefish)

Symptoms: severity of symptoms are progressively more severe from Pterois (lionfish) to Scorpaena (scorpionfish) to Synanceia (stonefish).
* Severe pain (which may last up to 12 hours if untreated)
* Local swelling
* Tissue necrosis and subsequent infection
* Occasional systemic effect (nausea, muscle weakness, dyspnea, hypotension)


* Warmwater- soak the affected limb in warm water
* Pain relief
* Antibiotics
* Tetanus immunization (so you need to see a doctor)
* If develop infection may need debridement.

So guys and gals…. Know your marine life, how they look like and their habits… please don’t get stung.. Happy diving.
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Re: Hazardous Marine Life (part 1)

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