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How to measure Your Swimming or Finning Distance.

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How to measure Your Swimming or Finning Distance.

Post Number:#1  Postby run » Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:59 am

For advance divers they are taught to know how to use the compass and count finning kicks for  navigation.
As for doing night dives , it is accustomed to do a dive during the day. Familiar with the site, hazardous marine
And then come back again for the night dive.

If you are planning to dive at the house reef ,how can you estimate  your distance fm the beach to the bouyline
Of the house reef? Of course you can always use the compass for navigation and  just swim in straight line to the target spot.
Or you can just swim at the surface, count the kick fm the beach straight to the bouyline and then descend.
It is always easy to calculate above the water but once you entered the water , what look ez up above doesn’t at all
Seem easy when ur in deep water.

Like my experience diving LOB style. Big boats can never anchor itself near to shallow water or reef so they will dock
A few meters away fm the reef and have the divers swim to the spot. What I did, I use my thumb and my pointing
Finger to calculate the distance of the site fm the boat and assume how many swimming kick it would be for me
To reach the destination. I had previous calculate on land how many steps it takes for me to reach point A to point B.
My own measurement is 1 step = 1 fin kick.

So when I jumped descend I will maintain at certain depth. Let say the DM had brief me that the site is going to be at
Depth 10m. The boat was docking at sea with depth 30m and so I take my finning measurement and point my compass.
Once descend , I stop at depth 10m and head straight while calculating my fin kick.
We know that we can never get the actual bearing once underwater. We may get a difference  %  away from the target spot.
Though I find it very handy when the viz is a little bit poor. Once arrive at the reef , I will use one mark a big coral or anything
That is outstanding for me to mark is as my exit point. After I finish dive around the reef.
I will use that point and set my bearing back to the boat and again calculate my finning kick.

Anyhow here is a link that shows how you can calculate a distance with an eye blink. Back then the sailors don’t have GPS.

and also measuring the distance with your thumb.

my 2 cents sharing diving experience. Well sometime my navigation still failed me. I had to blame that on the turtles and big fishes. They made me went wild and loose count and bearings.  :D
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