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Good tips in Mapping, Stress and Equalising

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Good tips in Mapping, Stress and Equalising

Post Number:#1  Postby run » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:59 pm

As i scroll the internet for more reading and research material, i found this helpful and interesting website by Carl Fallon (Platinum Course Director from Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney)

I am currently trying to improve the way i do my own mapping for my logbook for future reference. ... -examples/

here is the link for the tips ... ject-tips/

other than that , his advice on how to reduce stress in divers is also worth to read. Actually this page
is for instructors but these tips can be handy for leisure divers too.
Keep them moving
During the first ten minutes of dive one, keep your divers moving. If you attempt to stop, start, stop, start during the first ten minutes of the dive you will have lots of buoyancy issues which ultimately will lead to equalising issues. (Particularly if your students float to the surface)

Here’s a quick hypothetical for you:

An instructor leading a group of dive one students swims up to an amazing soft coral. Truly one of a kind. And the instructor thinks that they all should take a close look. So he attempts to stop the group of 8 new students and points it out. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS NEXT? Well, the instructor quickly remembers that they are all on dive one and signals to the group to keep on swimming past it while looking.
Keeping your students swimming on dive one, when at environmentally sensitive areas will also stop unnecessary damage to the aquatic life. It is great to show you students amazing things, but choose your subjects and your timing carefully.
Watch for stress

read more at this link ... -students/

Problem with equalizing. We all face it.

Harder to push – DON’T
It is really important that we explain to our students that if they feel resistance, don’t. If there is resistance and they continue to push
past that resistance it will cause bruising in the middle ear or ear drum or possibly even worst. Make sure they know that when they feel the pain they should stop descending, signal to you and their buddy, then ascend until they don’t feel the resistance, and only then attempt to re-equalise. MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS PARAGRAPH TWO TIMES TO MAKE SURE YOU READ IT RIGHT!

read more at this link ... qualising/
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