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jumping scuba certification

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jumping scuba certification

Post Number:#1  Postby nadzir30 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:53 am

hi guys...

just wondering..i'm an SSI certified advanced adventurer...could i switch to PADI or NAUI because i heard that being a diving instructor with PADI and NAUI are much more easier...

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Re: jumping scuba certification

Post Number:#2  Postby run » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:14 am

yeah you can but there are some additional skills that you have to do in PADI anad NAui.
For example the PADI dive charts. Not only that there are the 20 basic skills of OW that you will have to do again infront of and instructor of PADI and NAui.
I know this because one SDI diver wanted to do DM under PADI. When the instructor review his skill at pool seems that a lot of thing need to be work out.
Meaning there are a certain skills from the 20 basic skills of PADI that was not trained during the SDI Ow.

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The picture is showing the 20 skills of OW for your DM course.
Since you are SDI AOW you will not have the OW and AOW manual (a text book with illustrations) like any of PADI divers.
So i guess this link will help you alot for your reading review.
Just clik to the grey icons and it will show detailed operation on how to demonstrate the skills.
This link is actually for instructors on how to effectively go through their exercise with their students. ... rwater.htm
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