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(ask) Aqualung Legend LX reg service centre?

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(ask) Aqualung Legend LX reg service centre?

Post Number:#1  Postby » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:46 pm

Hey peeps..
need an advice

i've just bought a used Aqualung Legend LX.
The physical condition looks good,
however the WOB (work of breath) need me to put a little bit of hardwork..

to make it worst, the cheap octopus can perform a lot smoother than the Aqualung LX.
the previous owner said that he hasn't dive with it for more than a year.

so, i'd like to know where can i get the Aqualung reg service and how much would it cost me?
Lets say i just wanna service the reg 1st and 2nd stage only (without the octopus & SPG - these two works perfectly smooth/fine).
Where can i find a good servicing center that accept aqualung reg at reasonable price?


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Re: (ask) Aqualung Legend LX reg service centre?

Post Number:#2  Postby run » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:52 pm

Let me just say before i send my aqualung reg for service i ask a few people. Found this one guy that said to me he can service for me less than RM100.
i was thinking to send to him but then i talked to a few divers and some of their feedback made me change my mind.
i dont want to give name just if you hear anyone say they can fix yours for less than RM100 better take precaution. he may use other regulator brand O-ring, and simply
put it inside.

I send mine for service and replaced at Planet Scuba at Bangsar cause they are the authorise dealer and they
have all the parts for service and yes the service is costly.
After the service, i requested to have the old parts to be given to me so that i know the damage i paid.
The service depend on what kind of parts that required to change.
When you go to Planet scuba do ask them what are the things they charge you. There are parts that once dismantel need to be replace with new parts. Just same like you send your car for service.

yes hearing someone offer giving a good price is very tempting so use your decision wisely and not blinded by the cost.
Another reason why your octopus gives better performance is becoz the pressure is less than the pressure in Lx since the LX seems to be very tight to breath.
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Re: (ask) Aqualung Legend LX reg service centre?

Post Number:#3  Postby mamakpenang » Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:36 pm

agreed with run, u can send ur reg to planet scuba for servicing.
normally for service, there are 2 parts involved, 1st stage & second stage
i believe they will charge u for the price of the parts & labour
1. parts, 1st stage service kits - o-ring, filter, c clip, diaphragm, HP Seat
2. parts, 2nd stage service kit - o-ring mostly, LP seat
3. labour charge, cleaning of 1st stage & 2nd stage with ultrasonics liquids, testing the reg.

correct me if i am wrong.
did not own legend, did try a couple of time, very nice indeed, smooth
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