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Local Malaysian film Company Seeking Interesting Animal Attack Stories

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Local Malaysian film Company Seeking Interesting Animal Attack Stories

Post Number:#1  Postby Alex Lindbloom » Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:45 pm

We are researching for characters for an exciting new tv pitch entitled "Deadliest Neighbours" and are looking for people who have had close encounters with dangerous animals both on land and in the water.

If you have an interesting tale of survival against a deadly creature and are willing to be filmed and included in this pitch, please send me 3/4 sentences summarizing the interaction you had with the animal together with your name, photo and contact details.  There is a sample of the format we are looking for is below.

Thanks so much for your help and I hope to hear from you soon,


Name: John Smith

Phone: +6012345678
Place of residence: Kota Kinabalu
Creature: Marbled stingray
Location of incident: Shark's cave, Layang Layang, Malaysia
Date of incident: May 2009

Brief synopsis:
"I was filming marble stingrays at 30 meters at the beginning of the dive when one kept circling me whilst I hovered about a meter off the sea bed.  On the marble ray's third circle I must have got too close to it and it must have felt trapped by other divers around me.  The next thing I knew I just felt its barb puncture my stomach.  For some reason that morning I chose to wear a wetsuit... had I not made that decision the marble ray barb would have almost certainly penetrated deeper and envenomated me making the whole episode much more serious.  As it turned out I was taken to hospital where they washed the puncture wound gave me two stitches and left me with a small scar on my stomach as a reminder not to get too close to those beautiful but dangerous creatures."
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