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Merry Christmas ~ GREEN'MAS Partae 24/12/2009 @ BUBBLES

Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:57 am


[glow=red,2,300]Bubbles NEO DAMANSARA PERDANA[/glow] will be having their [blink]Green'MAS Partae [/blink]tonight at Neo Damansara Perdana. I dunno know about you - but since nothing in my schedule, I will be hanging over there.... anyone wanna join? Buzz me @ 016-2886383 around 10PM... Come in something green and stand a chance to win their mysterious prize too....

Heard that there is a  :glasses9:Survival Factory doing hardcore technical diving promo is there and  :icon_rr:[font=Verdana]Scubatex[/font] also put up their Bidong and Tioman dive package for 2010 at their bubbles boards.... Let's check it out!

For direction, you can check their blog at http://bubbles-online.blogspot.com. Visit a bit la... I maintain for them one... hehe give some face le...  :icon_tongue:
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