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President’s Challenge: Achieved!

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President’s Challenge: Achieved!

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President’s Challenge: Achieved!
16 April 2012, 10:26 am

At the TCS Inaugural General and Committee Meetings held in November 2011, Tan Sri Dr. Salleh b. Mohd. Nor, our President, threw us a challenge. That is, to recruit our first 100 members before the next Committee Meeting.

It seemed like an easy job because at that time, we already had more than 30 paid-up members. And since we had just elected our new Committee that consisted of nine people, we thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to recruit another 70 new members. Turns out, most of us were busy with our own work and commitment that we did not have time to recruit new members!

After Chinese New Year, Prof. Chan Eng Heng, our Vice President, started emailing her friends and contacts, and our membership started increasing. That prompted a few others to actively promote TCS to our families, friends and colleagues and in a month, we have achieved the President’s Challenge of recruiting 100 members!

We would like to thank all our members for believing in us and for supporting turtle conservation in Malaysia!

[img width=150 height=150 alt=Preparing the Membership Cards to our first batch of 100 members][/img] [img width=150 height=150 alt=Prof. Chan cutting the cards to precision.][/img] [img width=150 height=150 alt=Pelf laminating the cards.][/img] [img width=150 height=150 alt=Each level of membership has a different colored card.][/img] [img width=150 height=150 alt=Wee arranging the cards alphabetically.][/img] [img width=150 height=150 alt=Working in a conveyor-belt style.][/img] Please consider supporting our turtle research and conservation projects by signing up as a member. Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3 :D

[img height=1 width=1][/img]

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