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This thread is dedicated to all questions and issues pertaining to environmental, conservation, and regulations.
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Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:54 am

Almost 130 divers participate in the programme and manage to caught almost near to 400pcs of COT. For this programme, Taman Laut tioman offered 4x dives, food and drinks. They dont provide a place to stay but they do have a tent so you can stay in the tent if you want too. On the 7th it was just for registration and on the 8th was the operation day. For COT cleanup held by Taman Laut tioman, they chartered the fisherman's boat or bumboat and then divide them to a certain dive sites that has been reported of COT sightings. My group started to move from the Marine park jetty @ 12noon. The delay was caused by a group who didnt want to get separated from their members (me and a fren of mine had to move into 2 differnt boats due to this group which really made me hot temper for awhile) and due to short of tanks at the last minute.  The wheather was bad on Saturday. It was raining, hazy and no sun at all. Glad the waves was calm although there were mild currents. The viz was poor even when we reached at depth 15m, we could only see each other only 5m apart. Due to bad wheather we could only make 2 dives on saturday due to safety reason. The sick part was when we finally reach marine park jetty around 4.30pm, the sun just came out. On sunday, we really cant dive on that day and most of the divers already start to get back home. The last ferry to mersing was schedule 11.30am but really our last ferry got delayed till 5pm. Everyone tourist and locals was pretty mad with this sick schedule. We really need to do something with blue waters ferry. They really cant do this to customers. One tourist even said to me "this is the 1st and the last to tioman". Truely a shame.

Anyhow this is a few tips if any of you guys especially newbies who wants to join COT cleanup held by the Marine park.
1) each marine park have their own budget. I was told in perhentian COT cleanup , all things were provided including a place to stay.
2) in tioman they use Bumboat or fisherman's boat. Take a very long time to reach certain places. To kill the time might as well start to prep your gears. Once reach the dive site , you can already jumped into the water. Less the hassle of making other divers waiting for you in the water.
3) Don't participate if you only started to dive with less 20 logs or havent been diving for 1 years or more. If you still want to join then make sure you have a buddy that knows you my fren hasn't been diving for a few months so we just refresh each other , request with the staff, take our tanks and dive under the marine park jetty. I complaint to the marine park staff, why they open the registration for newbie divers. I am not cocky or trying to show off but i really dont have the time trying to help a newbie diver while carrying a sack full of top 5 most venomous marine creatures in my hand.
4) Must have own gears. Sometime the marine park they dont have enough gears so they cant offer to particapants.
5) Must at least have good bouyancy. You dont want to take the COT while at the same time damaging the corals.
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Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:56 pm

nice. give a shout out when there's another event like this.


Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:44 am

ericc there is another one organize by B&J. check this out http://www.projectaware.org/action/dive-against-debris-and-crown-thorns-injection-tioman-island
call them for info. As for Taman Laut, they dont have actual dive guide or DM. So divers will be left doing the job on their own. Most divers come in groups such as the PDRM marine,
Petronas, NRE but i enroll myself as a single volunteer. Since the dive is under Taman laut budget so many of the divers like to enroll in this activity including the unexperience divers
which i think is a very cheapskate way but of course Taman Laut staff cant say anything about it since they do want more volunteers to participate.
Having divers that are still having problem to descend due to not enough weight, bouyancy problems, clearly show that they are still unexprience to participate in such programme.
At least do some pre-check dive a day before the programme start. That way you wont have any problem during the actual dive.


Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:43 am

yes that's true. hey i'm cheapskate too (!) but there has to be some minimum requirements in terms of logged dives and certification level. me, i'm looking at the Eco-diver specialty, to ensure that i have the proper skills, as u mentioned, i dont crash the reef, or fin downwards (very common because of buoyancy issues, right),  etc.


Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:17 am

cheapskate giving no problem is ok. Cheapskate with a problem is a headache.
Good that you ericc want to enroll for eco-diver. I heard eco-diver can have a 1 FOC dive in any dive center with logo eco-frenly. Provided you give a review after the dive about their dive site.
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