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Turtle welfare lacking

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Turtle welfare lacking

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Turtle welfare lacking
7 June 2012, 10:57 am

The following article is written by Jaclyn Low, who participated in our Turtle Discovery Trip with her family on 19th May 2012. This article was published in The Star on 1st June 2012.

LATELY there have been much attention on exotic pets such as sugar gliders, selected dog breeds, geckos and etc, especially if these are imported.

As we busy ourselves with imposing regulations on imported exotic pets, we fail to impose bans and restrictions on Malaysian wildlife.

Look at the reports of “rescued pangolins”, discovery of animal carcasses such as tigers, sale of turtle eggs in the East Coast, finning of sharks, coral theft, and the list goes on.

I was in Cherating and Kuala Terengganu just a week ago and found to my dismay that Pahang and Terengganu had not banned the sale of turtle eggs.

Apparently only one type of sea turtle eggs is banned.

A visit to the Turtle Sanctuary in Kuantan did not allay my concerns as the sea turtles held captive there were obviously not very well taken care of, and the informative but poorly-maintained visitors’ centre left much to be desired – a dead cockroach was seen in the display as well.

There was one particular turtle which could not move its hind legs and was merely floating in the water, and algae had formed on its shell and neck area.

The “pools” the sea turtles were kept in were really small. I also found out that the stretch of beach where sea turtles come to lay eggs was just an open “invitation” to one and all.

I was told stories of mother sea turtles being harassed by visitors who had no qualms sitting on their backs for a photo-taking session, and some even scooped up the turtle eggs as soon they were laid.

It pains me that there is lack of knowledge and conservation efforts to protect these harmless sea creatures.

The sea turtles are actually on the brink of extinction. A local society I support, Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, relies on funds, donations and support from the public.

One of its efforts was highlighted in The Star on World Turtle Day. Through pure hard work and sweat, it had tirelessly incubated more than 1,000 eggs and released 200 one-month-old hatchlings into a local river in conjunction with the special day.

This was only made possible with the help of conscientious local villagers and supporters of the society.

Can more please help before it’s too late?



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Source: Turtle Conservation Society
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