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200 hatchlings released to mark World Turtle Day

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200 hatchlings released to mark World Turtle Day

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200 hatchlings released to mark World Turtle Day
22 May 2012, 12:42 pm

Date: 22 May 2012

By: Farik Zolkepli

Source: The Star

KEMAMAN: Some 200 river terrapin hatchlings were released into the Kemaman River here to mark World Turtle Day, which falls tomorrow.

The hatchlings were released yesterday in a programme which was a collaboration between the Turtle Conservation Society (TCS) and the Wildlife and National Parks Department.

TCS co-founder Chen Pelf Nyok said the hatchling programme received good support from villagers of Kampung Pasir Gajah here.

“Their support has been crucial to the programme’s success.

“It shows that the villagers are serious in protecting river terrapins from becoming extinct,” she said.

She said the dedication showed by the villagers should be emulated by others.

“TCS will continue its conservation efforts as long as the community is with us.

“We can help spread awareness but the people are the ones who will make the difference,” she said.

Chen said about 1,200 river terrapin eggs were collected from the Kemaman River this year.

The eggs were incubated in February and March.

More than 600 eggs have been successfully hatched while the remaining are still in incubation.

Kampung Pasir Gajah village committee chairman Mohd Nor Jusoh said the villagers were aware of the importance of conserving terrapins.

“The practice of eating turtle or terrapin eggs no longer exists here.

“We don’t consider the eggs a delicacy. We are more concerned about protecting the turtles,” he said.


1. Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia carried out the pilot Kemaman River Terrapin Research and Conservation Project in 2011, and the society does not just “help spread awareness.”

2. The practice of eating terrapin eggs still exists in the village and elsewhere along the Kemaman River. However, Kampung Pasir Gajah Village Committee Chairman Haji Mohd. Nor b. Jusoh believes that the villagers are aware of the current status of the river terrapins, and are collaborating with TCS to help save as many terrapins as possible.

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Source: Turtle Conservation Society
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