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Swimming,yoga.....and other physical stuff.

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Post Number:#31  Postby ScubaBunny » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:58 am

johnnyong85 wrote:hi, scuba bunny. Can u tell some detail bout yoga?
R u still in the process of learning with coach or practising urself?
Wat's the need to practise yoga? Wat's the fee if wannna learn fr a coach? How does it carry out? and so on...

M no expert. For me yoga helps me to calm down after a very hectic days @ work. I dont really have that much time to go to d gym lately as work commitments takes most of my time. So when I reach home, I put on meditative CD and do some basic yoga, stretching and breathing to keep my mind @ harmony.

Yoga do gives u a clearer mind, I do noticed that my mind is sharper these a days proly due to d increased o2 flow in the brains (breathing).

In relation to free diving, im no xpert either, but logiclly, when u freedive, you need to lyman terms - hold ur breath, thus with yoga when you improves your breathing methods - dats correlates directly to your freediving activity.

Plus, free diving or dolphin kick requires ur body to be very flexible as the kicking is much diff den freestyle and frog kick. So, again direct correlation btw yoga + freediving / dolphin kick.

I hope I make sense. If not, yogi Mephisto can add / correct me. Thats my simple anology of how yoga + freediving click. :)
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