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suggestion on product rating

suggestion on product rating

Post Number:#1  Postby jungletribe72 » Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:07 pm

Dear Bros & sister of MUW ( esp moderator / comittee  or anyone good in IT )

I believed you guys has massive data & info from members regarding certain product such as camera, regulator and ect... ( tak larat nak baca.. too many tips... it would be better someone could compile it in presentable manners)

I just wanna throw some idea of helping each other esp new divers like me, well there are so many things we would like to get, but money is the problem... as for myself.. saving is the only way beside credit card aka Ah-long...

What i recommend is, if someone could create kind of data bank and catogarize these item which can be visualize in sort of table. From this table we may find which product has the good quality and satify most members or highest complain/reported, risk &  defect.. regards to own budget..

It will be helpful for all to be aware of the product, brand, reliability and so on.. In fact the distributor may also contribute to give some feed back of their product and help them to know their product better as well.

Buying expensive gadget with cheap price if not carefully might be deadly.. coz our life depends on it..
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Re: suggestion on product rating

Post Number:#2  Postby bijan » Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:51 pm

good're referring to a comparison table?

can u elaborate further on the database and the categorization of the items? the data in the database will be from our existing data or its a whole separate system by itself?
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