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Wetsuits Care and Maintenance?

Re: Wetsuits Care and Maintenance?

Post Number:#31  Postby Bagman » Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:43 am

I've been wearing wetsuits for 4 years (not a long time), doing boating in the UK as a RYA (Royal Yachting Association) boating instructor. Use my wetsuit like 2-4 times a week. And i've never used any shampoo...just a good rinse (normally a good dip in the swimming pool after sea sessions) and then hanged it to dry. and the same wetsuit is still hanging, perfectly fine. Also my fellow lifeguards go dipping in the sea nearly everyday and they done nothing more than rinse their wetsuits too. No problem at all. If got difference with diving dunno lah, but I think same oso ;)
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Re: Wetsuits Care and Maintenance?

Post Number:#32  Postby superkingkong » Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:37 am

cool idea :)

hmm.. then next time i won't wash my wetsuit for about 30mins.. after coming back from trip already tired... then somemore.. spend more than an hour washing my equipments  ;)

anyway... spend more time with them is good.. coz they will take care of me next time.. it's like creating some bond  ;D
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