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Underwater SMS...? Cool.... but....

Underwater SMS...? Cool.... but....

Post Number:#1  Postby AyahLang » Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:00 pm

Was joking around with a friend during pool session, about how practical would SMS be underwater..

And then... poof..!!!

.. but then part 1... I wonder if they actually secretly put in an "Arab detector" for this thing to just blow up the instant an Arab put one on....

..but then part 2.. would this be a plausible scenario?..

22.0 minutes into the dive : Discovered tank has 10 bar left..
22.5 minutes                  : Look for buddy, 15 meters away, looking the other way
23.0 minutes                  : start typing.." Help, out of air..."
23.5 minutes                  : press "send" button, and start finning towards buddy. Tank drop to 4 bar
24.0 minutes                  : buddy receive message, press "read" button, start reading.
24.5 minutes                  : Tank drop to 2 bar, vision getting blurry
25.0 minutes                  : Buddy understood message... duh... and start looking around
25.5 minutes                  : Buddy found you, floating upward... no bubbles.. belly up...
26.0 minutes                  : Incoming message, "Message successfully sent and read"

Hmmmmmmm...... wonders of technology contributing to further complacency of human kind, reducing common sense to the level common to the apes... (... something like that.... I knew I read this from somewhere, but cannot remember where and who said it....)
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Re: Underwater SMS...? Cool.... but....

Post Number:#2  Postby Snafu » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:34 pm

muahahahaahahaaa..that is funny.

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