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Bali Safari 13th Sept~18th Sept 13

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Bali Safari 13th Sept~18th Sept 13

Post Number:#1  Postby run » Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:19 pm

By right diving bali is well-known thru all the internet search engine so I wont go over and comment on the samething
Again. I will spill those other infos that might not be told.

This time I went to Bali, safari style for 6days(well actually diving days only 4 days), meaning I keep on moving from point to point.
My dives was Tulamben(6dives)-Menjangan(3dives)-Nusa Penida(3dives). All together 20divers.
One thing about diving in bali , they only cover lunch which specificly a lunch box consist of rice with fried chicken, fish floss, sambal and vege.
Breakfast will be inside the package of the hotel you stayed in and Dinner will be on your own budget. Some dive operators even
Ask you whether you want to include lunch in the package. My advise don’t be a cheapskate. Just add the lunch into the package.
But remember do bring some extra snack to keep you warm up during your SI. Normally lunch will only be served after the 2nd dive.
Well depend on how your dive ittenaries. If you have 2 dives perday then the lunch served after your 1st dive. If 3 dives perday , after the 2nd dive.
My SOS secret weapon for the trip was tean's crispy prawn chilli and let me just say It had save a lot of taste buds even one japenese uncle.
Other than this I also brought along a ginger mix. I have dived Bali before so I know well about the temperature underwater.
I learned this one concuction when I dived in Padang. There was this hawker that sell a drink called the ais skotang.
It’s a mixture same like lay chee kang but they add milk and ginger in it. It made me really warm during my night dive there.
Though I don’t really know how many part of milk and how many part of ginger to make the ais skotang so to be safe
Just ginger packet will do.

Dive Tulamben Liberty Wreck. Water entry was from shore. A painful event. My old booties its sole has soften. I was kinda trembling and even
Tumbled twice before even reached the water due to round lava stones on the beach.
Once underwater everything seem calmed and we were guided outside the wreck and then inside the wreck. The normal thing the guide will take you.
On my 2nd dive I get to see a pygmy seahorse at 30m depth. Just imagine 20divers , all lining up to see the small thing and some even with their
Camera including me. I just took one snap and move on. Sadly the picture was awful. I guess the bad point about Tulamben would be entering and exiting
the water. Those with knee problem might as well have the guide help you out. The guide strict for staying underwater 40min bottom time.
Diving tulamben more or less the same as diving in malaysia the different would be the black sand. It is far easier to spot macro life when the background is
Black. 20divers separated into 3 groups with 1 Dive guide each. I stayed at Paradise Resort. From there I could see Mt Rinjani on sunrise and
I could see the tip of Mt Agung at the entrance of the resort.
The resort looks old but it has Aircond and my room was very spacious with a tub. I give this resort 2 star though. The resort Matahari just
Next to Paradise looks awesome to me. As for dinner we walked just a 100m outside from the resort to a restaurant called 50bar. I don’t see
Any pork in the menu like the other restaurants. It has also 4 rooms and a very small swimming pool almost like a jacuzzi pool. Its décor
Was like a mexican restaurant. Nice ambiance. I Ordered seafood fried rice and I requested them to be spicy. I keep eating chicken all the time
So it was enjoyable to have some seafood instead. Most bali’s fried rice doesn’t have the kick like our malaysian fried rice but lucky this restaurant was different.
I just put aside my chili prawns for later use. Paradise resort don’t have any free flow of drinks so we get some mineral water over at the local mini shop. (the 50 bar restaurant) (matahari resort)

Diving Menjangan Island. Again I had surveyed about Menjangan before the trip and I learned that they were using a wooden boat.
Again my experience diving in Padang , made me choose to bring along my windbreaker with me. This time I stayed for 1 night at a
Very nice Spa Resort. Sadly I didn’t have the time to fully utilize its accomodation and facilities. The place was so windy. The Aircondition
Was a bit dissappointment for me. The horse power was so low that it need at least 4 hours to cool down my room. I even min the temp to 16C.
I forgot about the breakfast. Bali breakfast very simple, its american breakfast like pancake or toast, fried rice, fried mee and fruits. If you are a
Typical nasi lemak with fried chicken for breakfast then you have to prepare yourself for additional snack. Once I reached the Jetty to get to Menjangan
Island, I stuff my dry bag for snacks which I bought at the jetty. There are a few local mini marts there. There are also public toilets and 2 shower room.
This will be the place for you to shower and change once you finished diving the island. So imagine you have to Q-up for your turn.
At Menjangan Island I don’t see any big stuff. Its all about corals, seafan and landscape. It more like Sipadan corals walls. Good for wide angle image.
The water is very clear even at depth 18m I can still see another 15m below. There are some macro life. My underwater pictures would only downsize the
Actual Spectacular view of the underwater garden so I wont post it.The wooden boat use a wooden ladder. A very short
Ladder. Due to the wind , the surface was very choppy and the boat was moving even when the motor stops. The guide will request you
To open your BCD and the boatman will pull it into the boat. I had enough with the choppy waters so I use all my strength climbing up
The ladder with the BCD on. The dive at east and north of the island was superb viz but when we get to the west side it was murky.
Perhaps coz it was facing the main island. This time the bottom reach till 45-50min. The Thermocline can get cold to 25C. Still maintain in 3 groups with 1 dive guide
Each. (the resort near Menjangan island) (another resort which is much nearer to the jetty to menjangan)

Diving Nusa Penida. At last the main event. Hoping to see the Mola-mola and manta. At the end only 2 mantas and no mola-mola. 2 days before
Our dives at Nusa Penida , the guide inform us they had seen the Mola-mola. Diving Tulamben and Menjangan was a warmup for us before
Penida. During these dives , we get to see each of the divers in the group base on their abilities to handle with the different environment. We also
Get to rate which divers need extra help, which divers can handle by themselves and how they react with their buddies.
As you all know Nusa Penida has taken many lives each year and we don’t want anyone in our group face that difficult situation.
We look out for each other. The dive operator decide that it was best to divide all the 20 divers into 4 different boats according to
The level of experiences. That way it would be easier for their guides to handle them. This time 2 guides given to each group with additonal
2 helpers on the boat and a boatman. The Manta point was very choppy. I puke before my dive.
Underwater it was swaying back and forth. Stingray can be seen under the sandy white bottom. The viz was murky because
The surge was making the sands go all over the place. It was 30min bottom time when I thought to myself I was going
To satisfy with only stingray sighting when finally I saw the manta swimming at 3m under the surface. I prefer to maintain my bouyancy not
In mid water. The depth was 17m but I stayed close around 2m above the sandy bottom. This way I avoid the current in the mid water
And I wont have to use a lot of energy to fin. I just need to avoid from bashing myself onto the rocks and corals.
When its time to get back to the boat ,we all have to open our BCD on the surface, take out our fin and climb the ladder. On my boat we had about 10 divers.
My stomach already ached with the previous nauseaness, I remain underwater at 5m to allow the other divers to climb onto the boat.
When finally the last 2 divers to climb, I started to ascend and the surface was still choppy.
At the Crystal Bay , everything was calm on the surface but a mild-strong current underwater. We just hang on to the corals at the cleaning station
with no sighting of the mola-mola. The viz was so clear. For this dive in nusa Penida , I wore my jacket and pants wetsuit. Inside I only wear my simple rashguard.
I also wear a hood. The bottom time average 30-40min. The water temp recorded in my both at manta point and crystal bay lowest was 22C. (hotel I stayed in Kuta, 1 storey so if you stayed on the 1st floor , you have to leave your dive bags at the luggage room) (much nearer to the beach and it has lift easy for you to carry your bags)

I enjoyed how the dive guide did our buddy check before heading to Nusa Penida. He just face toward us and said mask ok, reg ok, bcd ok , fin ok. Everthing ok then only
The boat moves. Dived with run by the local of Bali Pak Made. I was told he is a very strict person so don’t go off goofing around
When you are diving with him. Quite tall compare to other Balinese.
For me the trip was enjoyable yet very tiring. Had to move from place to place and arrive at each hotels around midnight. Having to wake up the next morning
At around 8.30am pack our bags , dive and move on. At least It give me an experience how safari bali feels like.

Problems during the dive trip. I didn’t face any problem just that my 2nd stage was free-flow so had to change to my octo and I feel very hungry so ate a lot of snack all the time.
Always bring a snack for your SI.

My average food consumption for the whole trip : IDR45k (dinner+drinks) x5days = IDR225k = RM75
Rented scooter 1/2day = IDR60k =RM20
Taxi from Airport to legian street = IDR75k = RM25
Tips for the whole trip : IDR150k perdiver = RM50
More or less the snacks at the mini mart cost the same like here in our 7-11.
I brought IDR2million and still have a lot of money left. More to enjoy for my plan next year.
My trip cost me RM2180 which include 3 hotels with breakfast, on-land transportation during the trip and rented gears. Air ticket bought separately.

-- Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:30 pm --

2 or 3 pix which i think worth it lar to share
matahari artificial reef.jpg
Matahari artificial reef. Awesome statue

Crystal Bay.jpg
waiting for mola but only see baracuda

Menjangan Island2.jpg
menjangan reef far beautiful than this pix
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Re: Bali Safari 13th Sept~18th Sept 13

Post Number:#2  Postby Narco » Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:25 pm

More pictures lah sister! Especially the Manta!
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Re: Bali Safari 13th Sept~18th Sept 13

Post Number:#3  Postby run » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:50 am

sorryla Narco pix too blurry not worth it to post. Beside everyone has seen Manta what :grin:
Its awesome to be back in the cold water of Nusa Penida.
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Re: Bali Safari 13th Sept~18th Sept 13

Post Number:#4  Postby Dee » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:00 am

Thanks for the report Run, at least we have some guidelines on what to expect and what we should do in Tulamben. Will dive Tulamben (stay at Matahari Tulamben Resort) and Nusa Penida January next year. Been to Bali last March during our honeymoon and managed to take a day's dive at Nusa Penida @ Manta Point and Manta Bay.

-- Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:18 am --

And Narco, this is the video on Manta Ray that we took at Manta Bay. We went for our 1st dive at Manta Point but unfortunately didn't even see a single Manta. And were very lucky to see more than 10 Manta Rays size ranging from 1.5 - 2.5 Meters at Manta Bay which can be seen even when we are still on the boat.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe>
diving is awesome!
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Re: Bali Safari 13th Sept~18th Sept 13

Post Number:#5  Postby run » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:55 pm

yeah Dee. I think matahari would be a better resort to stay. Do wake up early for the morning sunrise. Its breathtaking.

-- Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:55 pm --

Just want to share something that i think worth it for reference.
Before heading to bali i already check my dive set at Planet scuba and all seem to be operating fine.
Once in bali my reg set seem to free-flow with trickle of bubbles. Not only that the air seems to be a little bit tight when in turn my reg knob to the most negative setting.
so finally i found out temperature do play a role. I have read this before but i'm only human. Often forget. Refreshing is the best thing.
Of course diving in bali wont turn my 1st stage into ice forms but it definitely tweek some pressure in my 1st stage and my regulator.
During the dive i tried my best not to get caught up with currents or dive against current to avoid heavy breathing.
Will test it again at the pool this week and if still problem exist , back to the technician it goes.

taken from ... scenarios/

Scenario: Regulator Freeflow
Everything is going fine when suddenly your regulator erupts, spewing out the contents of your cylinder.

Risk Factor: Difficulty breathing, rapid exhaustion of breathing air supply.

Likely Causes: Regulator problems such as freeflow generally stem from poor regulator maintenance and are made worse by moisture in the cylinder and cold-water temperatures. As compressed air expands in the regulator, the temperature drops, which can cause moisture in the air to freeze. This in turn can unseat a valve. As regulators get cold from air expansion, ice can form on exterior components as well. Incorrectly set interstage pressure can also make a regulator prone to freeflow.
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