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underwater photography, do u have any others?

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underwater photography, do u have any others?

Post Number:#1  Postby Natalialesmana » Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:53 pm

:cheesy: We just try to summary about several tips for underwater photography, do you have any others?

For the first time, underwater camera was discovered by William Thompson in 1856. At the moment, most divers can take underwater pictures, either with a pocket or more advanced cameras like SLR or DSLR.

However, the most important thing to take underwater picture is being comfortable with water, meaning that, we have to have a proper buoyancy to not damage the corals and other underwater environment.

How to Take Pictures Underwater

Here are a few tips to have a sharp, colorful and good composition for taking pictures underwater:
1.Hold the camera as steady as possible. Exhale gently when you squeeze the shutter button.
2.You will get the best color when you stay close to your subject on shallow water.
3.Use a color – correcting filter to balance the colors
4.Slightly lower than the subject and shoot at an upward angel.
5.Take natural light pictures with the sun overhead.
6.Turn off the flash if you think you don’t need to use it

After the use, rinse it with the fresh water immediately after the dive. If you can’t wash it immediately, keep it in salt water or cover with wet cloth until you can wash it. Never let it dry because once the salt crystallizes, it will be difficult to remove it.

How to Prepare Underwater Camera

Nevertheless, the reckless preparation can also get the camera damaged or flooded. That’s why it is also important to know the steps to prepare underwater camera for beginners:

1. Clean the o-rings
Remove the o-ring from its groove by pinching it with your finger or use soft instrument. Do not use sharp objects as it can damage the o-ring, Wash it, and keep it separately.

Only put it back when you will use it, put some silicone grease and make sure that there’s no hair or sand in between.

2. Check if the battery is fully charged

3. Check if the memory card is inserted and have space in it

4. Set the auto exposure

Most cameras will have a warning light or other indicator to tell if there’s not enough light to take a picture. But with a strobe, you can even take pictures on a night dive.

5. Set the focus

You can choose one of three systems to set the focus on camera: auto focus, focus free or estimated focus. Turn on autofocus according to the manufacturer's instructions. There is nothing to set for focus free. For estimated focus, you judge the distance by eye and set the camera accordingly. An important point is remember that everything looks closer than it really is underwater.

6. Attach a wrist lanyard or clip

If your camera doesn’t have one, put on a clip or wrist lanyard to let your both hands free. This is to avoid you lose the camera, and make easier for you to adjust buoyancy while descending or repositioning a weight belt.


How does it sound? Easy? But it’s okay if you find it is harder than it sounds when you try, as it needs practice and practice to take good pictures underwater.

If you consider taking Underwater Photography specialty Course, we would say it’s a wise decision and we’d be happy help you find out! Contact us for more information :)

See our underwater photography pictures collection on Flickr.

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Re: underwater photography, do u have any others?

Post Number:#2  Postby reztitan » Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:54 am

Maybe should touch on underwater photography ethics code as well.

Have anyone experienced before, DM found a rare specimen for photograph, but the fella infront of you spend ages trying to get the right shots?

Or have anyone experienced before, some diver who took photograph and after that, he/she use the pointer to disturb the specimen till the person waiting behind cant take a shot?

Or diver with not so good buoyancy rush in for every photo opportunity but crash landing at the specimen?

Can si fu or expert here share some underwater photography ethics code so that everyone can have a good read as well.
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Re: underwater photography, do u have any others?

Post Number:#3  Postby toodus » Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:45 am

I always have rules when diving with other uw photogs. On the boat, I will set the rules ...whether they are strangers or friends, rules are rules and it applies underwater.

1. Only take 5 shots of a subject if there is are other divers waiting. If you want to take some more, go behind the queue. Some divers I know will wait till he/she is last so that they can have a longer time with the subject.
2. If you think you are alone and no one else, go ahead and snap away but always look up to see if there are anyone else. There's always bound to be one or two divers lurking somewhere and waiting. You're not alone after all
3. Never share a bargibanti / denise seahorse . I always see, one diver on one side and one diver on the other side of the seafan taking the same seahorse.
4. Don't crowd a diver when he is taking photos.
5. Manta rays - Don't get over excited and appear in everyone's viewfinder. Especially the bubbles. Never swim alongside the manta bcoz I will have you in the photo with the manta.

I used to be think that if I myself find a marine subject, I have the God given right to stay as long as I want because I found it. Not the DM but me, myself and I. However, after consulting with other divers, they say I should apply Rule No.1.

There should always be a referee of some sort when someone cuts the queue. I've seen it happened before. The diver who cut the queue didn't realize because it was a night dive. So another diver, gently stopped the cut queue diver and gestured, etc.....

This is my expression when someone crowds my space during my uw photography :
"Are you kidding me? Give the bulletproof tiger of uw compact camera photography some space !!"
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