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help needed..

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Re: help needed..

Post Number:#31  Postby vash_h » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:38 pm

im using a canon G11 with canon's ori casing.. no strobes..

either way.. i suggest you buy a dive comp when u want to shoot photo underwater. i noticed whenever i take photo, i tend to stay at the bottom, and thus my dive profile is very different with other divers (esp the dive master since those without dive comp relies on his dive comp).

also, underwater photographer tends to go up and down, up and down.. depending on what they are shooting. SOOO... dive comp is highly recommended.

on a side note, remember to use "more" weights than usual when shooting underwater.. i normally use 5kg weights.. when i shoot underwater, i use 6kg.. most camera housing is positively buoyant.. easier for u if u use slightly heavier weights.

here's some shots i shot using my canon g11 with ori canon housing, no strobes.. all built in.
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