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My Underwater Videos of Fascinating Creatures

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My Underwater Videos of Fascinating Creatures

Post Number:#1  Postby toodus » Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:44 pm


Finally managed to convert my HD videos to normal videos from my memory card. Here's one of the first few videos I thought you guys might wanna see. Fascinating yet educational
Mantis shrimp hunting. Turn on the volume guys and hear the "jentik"  KAPPPOOOOWWWW
In Dahab. Crystal clear water at 12m. The visibility is like that in Red Sea. Infinity visibility as I call it. Mat Sallehs all become excited when they saw this turtle. We have a million and six turtle here in Malaysia
At Pom Pom Island shore night dive. You can  crazy things during night dives in this place. Check out this Hermit Crab.I think hermit crabs can find empty shell and just enter into empty shells. Look at the shell this hermit crab entered. Hilarious
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Re: My Underwater Videos of Fascinating Creatures

Post Number:#2  Postby run » Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:06 pm

great vid toodus!!!
mantis shrimp dont play-play. Watch the documentary in animal planet. Kungfu shrimp. That kick is no laughing matter.

turtle i just dont know why. There is something mistic about them. Just couldn't resist feeling over excited when come across them.

hope u have awesome dive in tenggol
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