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Coral Conservation Program

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Coral Conservation Program

Post Number:#1  Postby Natalialesmana » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:37 pm

Coral Conservation Program

In one of our services, we have ECO Dive Package,which includes 1 coral for adoption. If you want to adopt more coral, you can add between US$ 5 - to US$ 7.5 per coral, depends on the quantity. The price includes e-certificate under adopter names and 3-months-reporting via email for the adopted coral.

On last Saturday and Sunday (2-3 March 2013), we have adopters from students in ACG International School Jakarta. Our partner, Coral Reef Community, also got the adopters from Earth Hour Denpasar community. In total, there are 70 adopters with 100 corals adopted! We’re sooo excited about this!

The area we are working on is in front of Waka Shorea Resort in West Bali National Park area, called Tanjung Kotal. We also stay in this resort. See our reviews here about Waka Shorea Resort. The team who were going are Arum and Rudy from CORE (Coral Reef Community), Eko and Diana from Turtur Dive, Ryan from Earth Hour Denpasar community, Yusa and Niki from Mapala Udayana University. We are working together to get all these projects done in this weekend.

In short, we departed on the very early morning on Saturday, arrived there, and all of directly managed to dive to find the coral seeds. The coral seeds were taken from the area close to Tanjung Kotal, about 5-10 minutes boat ride. In that area, we were looking for Porites cylindrica coral to be transplanted later in Tanjung Kotal. How do we come up with this coral species? It is totally not a short story.

After getting around 100 seeds, we went back to Tanjung Kotal, put the basket full of coral seeds in the jetty stairs stepped in the sea water. The coral cannot be taken out of the sea water too long, they can be dead. It was quite a heavy rain, so we stop and had lunch.

Because there was no luck with the weather, we worked with the cement substrate for another experiment method to transplant the coral. One of Waka Shorea guest, the Doctor, was coming to us and very interested on what we’re doing. He and his wife planned to join us snorkeling tomorrow. However, still no luck with the weather, we stopped working today, get showered, dinner, briefing for Sunday, and had a rest. Sunday morning came fast. After 8 hours sleep, we’re ready to work on this coral again! Having fast breakfast, we geared up, and working on the ACG International School coral adoption first, which has 32 corals adopted in total! For ACG International School, we nailed on the big dead coral, and tied the coral seeds to the nail, and put the adopters name on the slate for pictures. They do not want to leave any plastic name tag underwater. So we make it this way

After having a quite break on surface interval, we jumped into the water again for Earth Hour Denpasar coral adoption. They have around 40 adopters for 60+ corals in total! For them, we have prepared the plastic name tag with the adopters name and tie it up to the coral seed and the nails.

With the approximate measurement from the expert that the coral grows 1-3 cm each year, I checked on the last coral we planted before, and happily took this picture with the smile on my face and tears on my eys. It works. The tiny coral has started covering the cable-ties and grown up! It is bigger now! Luckily it was underwater, so when my tears dropped, I just need to do the mask-clearing

We finished all the works around 4 PM, took showered, went back to Denpasar. All stories along the way home, some was sleeping, some was telling stories, some was laughing, we all went home tiredly yet happily. Thanks to amazing team mates from Coral Reef Community, we’ll keep doing this great work together. Thanks to Earth Hour Denpasar to help spread the words about “gardening underwater”. Thanks to Mapala Udayana University, you guys are awesome. The last but the least, thanks to Waka Shorea Resort for supporting us in this program. Hopefully Tanjung Kotal will recover sooner than we all expected.

For those who is interested in adopting the coral may contact us for more details. It is easy and cheap! Email us, got the coral and certificate, then pay via bank transfer. Receive the e-certificate and report right in your inbox. Trust us with this coral adoption program, because for us diving is "more than bubbles"
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Re: Coral Conservation Program

Post Number:#2  Postby Narco » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:44 pm

That is one good effort. Keep it up and job well done!
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