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Dayang Island (Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar)

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Dayang Island (Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar)

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After more than a year close from public , the island reopened again to
My dive trip cost RM1130, 7 dives with accommodation and meals for 3days 2
night inclusive ferry from mersing to dayang island and
The RM200 fee entrance for Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar (TLSI).
Expensive or not just had to be there.
Departed from mersing at around 1.30am and arrived Dayang island at about
The ferry (actually a LOB boat) stopped at the deeper side of the water in front
of Dayang and we all have to wait for a smaller
Boat to carry us to the island. Only then I learned , the Dayang jetty had
been demolished in order to stop divers/people from coming
Into the island.
Since we arrived 5am , the dayang's staff served breakfast 8.30am. A bit late from usual
7.30am. Eeverything look quiet and calm. I saw only 3 large dive boats
and 2 fisherman boat parked at the channel between
Dayang and aur island.
I saw a small whiteboard and on it written 140pax. I guess the total divers,crew and staff
on the island must be around that figure.
The water surface was calm, and the weather was clear and sunny.

Our group of 10 divers combine with another 2 different groups in 1 big dive
boat. All together I think it was about 22pax of divers.

1st day
10.30am Our 1st dive was a checkout dive Sebukang. Sebukang village almost
look deserted on land
The viz was clear, the dive was smooth. No current. The Corals were healthy.

We swim along the edge of the reef with a slope and then headed back towards
sebukang jetty and swim for a few minutes under
The shallow jetty.

Then we went back to island for lunch.

2.28pm 2nd dive Lang Bay, Lang Island.
Lang island is truly awesome. Just as we entered the water, we were greeted
by 2 giant squids and then found another 2 by the corals
Again the viz was clear, mild current and healthy reef. Abundance of reef
fishes with fusilier swimming here and there.
And then came along the maniac triggerfish. I saw the other group got attack
by the fish.
During the commotion a single bumphead swam nearby while munching on the

5.27pm 3rd Dive Telok Kador , Aur Island.
Often at this hour of the day, diving around telok kador the viz will be a
bit gloomy cause the sun rays are block
By the hill and tall trees of the island but this time it wasn't.
The viz was still clear and I could see 20m+ or so.
Teluk kador is a sandy bottom with patches of rocks and corals so the dive
was a bit zig zag in between the rocks.
Not only that the place a common sight for nudi and macro stuff.
The place also known to have lobsters (once upon a time lar)

There was a night dive but I skip the dive. I just lounging around the
dining area.
No line. No astro. No FB. No internet. Only dive buddies whom I get to know
for the 1st time. Wonderful, cheerful, funny,
Always on the look out from the attack of the crazy triggerfish.

2nd day

9.21am 4th Dive Rayner's Rock
The great rock I call it. If anyone dive dayang/aur must not skip this site.
It has drift,surface current, deep, swimtru, nudi, triggerfish. If anyone
dive tenggol it somewhat like the
Tokong laut dive site. Negative entry is advisable.
Viz as usual awesome. Didn't find any pelagic. I assume we arrives late.
Often pelagic will be around
Before 8am.
When you dive in Dayang/Aur, best to make a dive before breakfast on the 2nd
day,3rd etc. Dayang/Aur location farther
Than any other island in malaysia and so it also a playground for the

12.31noon A-Rock, Lang Island
This site is very calm , no current, easy and relax dive. Called A-Rock
because of a very large Rock
In the A-shape.
Formation of the corals from big mushroom corals to staghorn. The best
I got was a school of yellow tail barracudas, colorful nudi and a stubborn

3.21pm Dayang Tip, Dayang Island.
I never dive this part of Dayang before and so before the dive the group was
brief this
Site has a lot of nudi especially around a big boulder underwater.
Just as I arrived at the boulder I saw a flatworm swimming in front of me.
Took a short video and off to the big boulder to find other kind of nudi.

5.51pm Lang bay II, Lang Island (last dive)
The dive was a breeze with current and the never ending attack from the
trigger fish.
I didn't stop to take any pictures or video. I just neutral buoyancy and go
with the drift while
Facing towards the deeper side of the island. Saw a school of tongkol
(silvery small tuna)
A few GT swimming while checking me out, and then the finale a 2m black tip
hunting for food.

The last night in dayang, we feasted on BBQ lamb,potatoes,and satay with a
very tasty peanut sauce.

All the dives was delightful. I still manage to remember some of the sites
eventho the last I had been there was back in 2008.
The trip was very meaningful. I came back to see after it was close for more
than a year because of the TLSI establishment.
Back then, in weekend almost 400 divers will dive in dayang/aur. Sometime we
can't even enjoyed the reef cause it too pack with divers
But not this trip.

I want to thank you to for making it public in their FB
group eventhough they said the seat was limited.
Enjoyed diving with the group and how they really look out the safety of
each divers.
Teluk kador.jpg
teluk kador

The TLSI band

-- Sat May 09, 2015 11:22 am --

si pix.jpg
On land Pix

The TLSI band

Teluk kador.jpg
teluk kador

-- Sat May 09, 2015 11:25 am --

Teluk kador.jpg
teluk kador

The TLSI band

-- Sat May 09, 2015 11:28 am --

If found any divers not wearing this band during their visit to the TLSI park, will be fined.
The running number will change and so does its color.
The TLSI band
rayner's rock.jpg
Rayner's Rock
Lang Bay Lang Island
Dayang Tip.jpg
Dayang Tip
A-ROck dive site
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